How to log into Parents Only Area

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Q: I've signed up to the parents association website, however when I try to access committee minutes I cannot login.  How do I login?

Q: I've signed up, got my confirmation, but when I press the Parents only link or Committee Minutes I see a confusing login page that does not clearly ask for my email?

A: When you try to access the parents only area of the site for the first time you are presented the default login screen for the Kilcolgan educate together website. A lot of people find the text on the login page confusing.  Apologies for the confusion but help is at hand -

Quick instructions on how to Sign into parent's only area for the first time
  1. Go to the parents only site. You can get to it here.
  2. On the login page select, "Sign in with a different account", enter you email account and press go
  3. You will be shown a google sites login page, to federate your account enter your google id and password
  4. Your Logged in! You should see the parents only site, congratulations, you can join your fellow parents.

Full Instructions on how to Sign into parent's only area
Here is a clear and helpful guide for parents who have signed up to the Parents only portion of the site and want to access it.

1). go to the parents only portion of the website. you will be presented with a google login page with the following form on the left hand side of the page:

2). You need to sign in with a non account.  So you need to click the link titled "Sign in with a different account".  

I admit this text is confusing. The text is intended to mean "sign in with an account different from" such as your hotmail or gmail account.  So if you have a yahoo, hotmail or gmail account press this link.

Make sure you press the link.  

2). First part of sign in
Once you have pressed the "Sign in with a different account" link, you will now be presented with the following screen with an option to enter your email account. 

Please type in you email account into the text box under the text "Enter your email address" and press the go button.

You will now be asked to enter your google account details. 
  • For gmail users this is your gmail and password.  If you have a gmail account and you are logged in you should be able to access the site. 
  • Hotmail, eircom or yahoo users need to set up a google account for their hotmail or email account. See If you do not have a google account.
Log in If you have a google account or gmail account
You will be presented with the following screen

Enter your password and select the sign in button.  Your email or gmail will be filled in so there should be no need to fill this in... and your done. Enjoy the site.

If you do not have a google account
You will need to create a password for your google account.  

1). Press the "create an account now" link

You should see the following page

2). Enter your email if it is not already filled
3). Enter the password you want to use to get into the site.  
4). Enter the text of the word verification to prove you are a human user
5). press I accept. Create my account.

an email will be sent to you mail account confirming you are set up.  You can now login see: Log in If you have a google account or gmail account.

You only need to do this long sign in once from your home PC or Mac: ensure the default click the stay signed in button is pressed.  You will be automatically signed in every time you re visit the site.  No login and no mess. 

Note: This 2nd sign in is a security feature, called federation, which ensures only the correct people have access to the parents association website and no-one should pretend to be you without your express permission.  

How to sign up to view minutes of website

posted Jun 17, 2010, 4:16 AM by Admin ketns

Q: I want to view minutes on the parents association website?  

A: If you want access to private areas of the site, you need to sign up to the parents association website.  Please go to the sign up page, once there fill in your contact details.  Within a day or two, once you are confirmed as a parent or guardian of a child at the school, you will be added to the list and an email will be sent to you confirming you have access. Once you receive the confirmation you can press the link in the email or go to the Parents only area of the site.   You will not have a kilcolganetns account, so log in with you own email (Sign in with a different account).  How to do this is detailed in the next question.

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