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How to log into Parents Only Area

Q: I want to view minutes on the parents association website?  

A: If you want access to private areas of the site, you need to sign up to the parents association website.  Please go to the sign up page, once there fill in your contact details.  Within a day or two, once you are confirmed as a parent or guardian of a child at the school, you will be added to the list and an email will be sent to you confirming you have access. Once you receive the confirmation you can press the link in the email or go to the Parents only area of the site.   You will not have a kilcolganetns account, so log in with you own email (Sign in with a different account).  How to do this is detailed in the next question.

Q: I've signed up to the parents association website, however when I try to access committee minutes I cannot login.  How do I login?

Q: I've signed up, got my confirmation, but when I press the Parents only link or Committee Minutes I see a confusing login page that does not clearly ask for my email?

A: A lot of people find the text on the login page confusing.  Here is a helpful guide for parents.